ICU Ratings

All rating information has moved (since 2012) to a new ICU web site: Ratings Lists, Weighted Average Ratings, Top Juniors, Top Improvers, Articles.

In addition, if you have a login to the ratings site (it's the same as the your login to this site), a wealth of additional data is now available, including:

  • a complete breakdown of your rating calculations in every tournament that you play in
  • lists of the tournaments and individual games where you gained or lost the most points
  • tournaments are now rated as soon as their reports arrive - you no longer have to wait until published rating lists to find out how you did

On this site, you can still:

  • search for any player's ICU ID
  • display details held in the ICU database about you (but only if you first login)
  • check if you're one of the players we don't yet have a DOB for (please let us know if you are)