Webmaster Report 2016/17

jonathan O'Connor

ICU Webmasters Report 2015/16


7,250,000 Hits through out the year, up from 5M last year. The main spikes came in August for the Irish championships and in Januar and February.

489 members logged in to the system during the year, with about 100 members logging in each month, same as last year.


While the number of news items has increased to about 1 per day, the number of articles and photos is slightly down on last year.

News Items376~270~135~170~140

Many thanks to all content contributors.

“Fixed” Content

Progress was made in automating some of the pages that were fixed:

A lot of work needs to be done to allow for audited updates of the following documents:


Due to Brexit, Dave O'Connell has started preparations to move our servers from the UK to another European country. As part of the migration, the websites will move to using HTTPS traffic, for a more secure system. This will require an IP address change, and this will take 2-3 days to ripple through the internet's domain name servers. We will be coordinating with the executive to find the least disruptive period for that, but it is likely to be over Christmas 2017.

Functional Enhancements

There were significant enhancements, large and small, made in 2016/17 including

Volunteers sought

After a call for help last year, Dave O'Connell offered his services. Dave concentrates more on the system administration, while Jonathan O'Connor concentrates on the coding of the site.

Finally, the ICU thanks those who have volunteered contributions to date. The ICU is looking to the membership for volunteers as follows:

If you would like to volunteer or would like to recommend someone, please email webmaster@icu.ie.

Plans for next season


I'd like to thank Dave O'Connell for sharing the duties of webmaster, Desmond Beatty for his very useful project management advice, and Andrew Kildea for his advice and help during the year.

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