Bunratty 2021 moves online

Gerry Graham

If you want to follow the Bunratty 2021 online event, you can either open a free ( and easy ) Chess.com account, log into the account, and click here, and you will be able to follow the action. If you want a few short and sweet video tutorials on how to use the Chess.com interface, click here.

Another way of following the event is to watch one ( or indeed all ) of the Twitch Channels that will be following the event....

GingerGM Simon Williams GM channel, a fun filled look at the event, possibly with a beer and a few guests!

Fionchetta Another fun filled channel, with Fiona Steil Antoni WIM although this coverage is more likely to feature wine than beer, and maybe a guest or two as well!

DinaBelenkaya Dina Belenkala WGM is also covering her participation, probably a little more serious coverage and definitely no beer or wine!

Blair Connell Blair Connell will be doing his first ever Twitch Channel stream just for the event, and I hear that Gary O'Grady may well be joining him for this one.

Plbrta ( not yet confirmed ) This is Peter Svidler Super GM channel, he's got a huge following online and does explain his thought processes in real time quite often which is amazing. Again, there will be no wine nor beer!

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