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John Loughran

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Gonzaga Classic Prizewinners


=1st: Ante Saric 4/5

=1st: Daniel Howard Fernandez 4/5

=1st: Matthew Turner 4/5

Grading 1 2100-1950: Pratik Mulay 3

Grading 2 <1950: Bodhana Sivanandan 3


1st: Kevin Burke 5.5/6
2nd: Rushan Khaydarov 5
=3rd: Vahe Paronyan 4.5
=3rd: Mark Gonnelly 4.5
=3rd: Oliver Barnes 4.5
Best under 1700: Lorcan Ryan McDonnell 4.5 (also =3rd)
Best under 1550: Harry Braine 3.5
Best under 1400: Michael Campus 4.5 (also =3rd)


=1st-2nd: Alan Lane 5.5/6 €200
=1st-2nd: Riccardo Rastelli 5.5 €200
3rd: Cory Whelan 5 €100
Grading Prize (1000-1199 FIDE/ICU rating*): Matthew Brophy 5 (also =3rd)
Grading Prize (750 - 999 ICU rating): Jakiv Jagic 5 (also =3rd)
Grading Prize (550 - 749 ICU rating): Yinan Duan 4
Grading Prize (<550 with an ICU rating): Thomas Pegum 3
Grading Prizes for unrated players, 1st: Mantas Zilevicius 5 (also =3rd)
Grading Prizes for unrated players, 2nd: Lorcan McAuley 3.5

*Grading Prizes

Grading Bands for Grading prizes are decided on FIDE ratings, where a player has one, or ICU ratings otherwise.
All players are eligible to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. Money prizes are shared for players on equal scores.
One player wins a prize for the best final score in each rating band shown. There are two prizes for unrated players in the Challengers due to to the large number of unrated plaeyers.

Grading prizes are decided using the following tiebreaks. Points scored.
Median Buchholz: the sum of your opponent's scores after the final round, excluding the best and worst one.
Buchholz: the sum of your opponent's scores after the final round.
Progressive score: The cumulative sum of your total score after R1, R2, ….Final round, rarely used.

Tiebreaks are only used to decide rating prizes. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are shared by those on equal points.

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