Hugh MacGrillen 1945-2004

Mark Orr

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Hugh passed away on the 10th January, 2004.

From the web site of the London Hazards Centre: Hugh worked as Advice and Training Worker at the Centre for 15 years and contributed greatly to the causes of safer workplaces, housing, communities and environment in London.

Whether it was advising a local authority on the safest way to paint housing, stopping dodgy asbestos strips, investigating illnesses arising from building on contaminated land, showing how to set up a VDU work station or addressing the problems of stress at work - Hugh gave the best advice and support to the workers, tenants and community activists who used the Centre.

Hugh brought to the Centre a sharp intellect, wit, political acuteness, the knowledge of a qualified chemist, editorial skills from his previous work at the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a long and deep involvement with, and commitment to, the trade union movement.

From Marcus Ennis, a collegue at the RSC: I worked closely with Hugh between 1977 and 1988 in London at the Royal Society of Chemistry where he was an editor. Although trade union politics became his main outside-work activity, he retained his enthusiasm for chess - I remember him playing around 12 games simultaneously at our social club one lunchtime (and not losing any!). I have many fond memories of him.

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