Details of the Inaugural Irish Mind-Sports Championships

John McMorrow

From an ICU perspective, these championships will consist of a 4 events over the course of the 3 days.

Friday night will see the opening ceremony followed by a blitz event. That event will be FIDE rated and has what we suspect is the largest prize fund for a blitz event run in this country. More details here.

Saturday-Sunday will see 3 events run side-by-side. The National Club Championship 2017 sponsored by AwardsAndGifts is a 4 round event with 10 teams already signed up to play. The event will be FIDE rated and the teams that finish in the top three positions will earn automatic qualification to the European Chess Club Cup.

The second event is a reintroduction of an international junior series between Ireland and Sussex. We've played a number of matches against Sussex over the last 2 decades but not for roughly 10 years.

Lastly, there will be an under 1600 event, again with a large prize fund. Details of that event are published here.

These event will be run alongside the Irish Chinese Chess Association and the Irish GO Association as part of Blitz & U1600 events - Inaugural Irish Mind-Sports Championships (IMSC).

Their events will be similar in structure with a rapid event on Friday - and classical events Saturday-Sunday. Details on their events are available on their site.

We hope to host combined simul/blindfold matches on the Saturday evening.

All the events will be held in the Gresham Hotel from March 3-5.

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