New FIDE laws of chess, effective 1 July 2017

Ted Jennings

From the 1st. July 2017 new Laws of Chess come into force. There are quite a few changes therefore I would recommend all players and especially Arbiters/Organizers to familiarize themselves with them.

I have attached the new laws, changes from previous version and a letter from the Arbiters’ Commission.

There is a new 10 move rule which effectively means that if there is an issue with setting up the board, a displaced piece or an illegal move that is not spotted for 10 move then the position stands.

Default times must be published; if not then it is zero.

The 5 move rule (repeated position) does not have to be sequential.

Both players must make at least one move before offering a draw.

Two handed promotion or castling may be penalized by 2 minutes.

There are slight changes as to putting you phone in a bag or similar during a game.

These are the main points but it is the responsibility of each player to know the rules and the Arbiters have no discretion in implementing them.

Ted Jennings IA

Created 2017-07-12 ◦ Last updated 2017-07-13 ◦ Editor JMM

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