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Day 9

by Dmitry

EYCC 2017 - Day 9 Leire
EYCC 2017 - Day 9 Playing Hall

Today was the last day and the ninth round of EYCC in Mamaia. With the round starting early and the temperature not getting as high in the playing hall, it was somewhat easier on the players. Everyone wanted to finish on a high and to wrap up the tough tournament.

Danny Kashanin finished first with a win against his Romanian opponent playing Sicilian defence. Con got a win against his higher rated Serbian opponent and finished up with 4/9.

Danny Dwyer had a win against his Dutch opponent and scored highest in Irish team with 5.5/9 . Gavin, Mercedes and Conor all drew against their respective opponents. Leire got a deserved win against her Romanian opponent. Alice was last to finish with a tactical game where Alice has found an exchange sack to give her an attack. Her opponent ultimately managed repeated moves to force a draw after 4.5 hours of play.

Congratulations to all players of team Ireland on having a great tournament, fighting hard and making us all proud! Very well done!

Special thanks to Neal Kirby for being great Head of Irish delegation, looking after players and spending long hours waiting to everyone on team Ireland to finish their games. Also thanks to Vahe Paronyan for communication with organisers of the tournament and organising registration, accomodation and travel arrangements for the trip.

Day 8

by Aurora

EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Alik

Eighth round of the European Youth Chess Championship in Mamaia. And the weather is so nice, at least for the accompanying persons to enjoy the swimming pool and beaches around. Not sure if it's the best for chess players as the venue has no air conditioning.

Only one round left and games, generally speaking, are getting faster as the players energy decreases

The Irish team got two wins today, one for Conor O'Donnell and another for Daniel Dwyer. And two draws for Alik Paronyan and Mercedes Plaza.

Congratulations to all the members of the team as we all know they are doing their best.

Day 6

by Pippa

EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Shane

Shane is having an excellent tournament with a strong win today against a 2262 from Norway. Danny D had a solid win against a 1575 from Romania and there were draws today for Conor, Alice and Con.

All battling on with 3 rounds to go.

PS Yesterday (Day 5.5) was the rest day. Everyone rested!

Day 5

by Vahe

EYCC 2017 - Day 5 Group Photo

Another sunny day at the black sea cost. A team photo was made before start of the 5th round.

Irish team got 5 points on this round. Shane had a solid game with German FM, they both played very accurate and were happy with draw. Gavin won his second game against Bosnian. Mercedes knew the opening well and got into an equal position early on, middle game was calm, and neither of opponents managed to get advantage, draw was a good result. Alice managed to get advantage during the game, but missed the drawing tactic in the endgame.

Tomorrow is a rest day, stay tunned!!

Day 4

by Linda

EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Arena
EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Alice

Well another hot day in Romania sun is shining and the Irish team were ready for another battle after their great victory of 7 points in yesterday's round.

Some minor problems in the arena such as air conditioning not working which resulted in extremely hot conditions our team would not be accustomed to. Also water not provided on each level which was a bit of a hike for some of our players.

However, our team were in good spirits and adapted well.

EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Daniil K
EYCC 2017 - Day 4 Gavin

Shane came back with a big smile on his face after a great win against his French opponent (2260). Shane played a new opening which went in his favour and proceeded to put his opponent under a lot of time pressure. Gavin had another long game which appeared early on to be a win but resulted in a draw. Mercedes had a great win against her Cypriot opponent resulting in 2 points for Ireland. Con had a satisfying draw against a much tougher opponent and is now on 1 an a half points. Everyone else unfortunately lost their games but not without a fight.

All to play for tomorrow

Day 3

by Dmitry

The sun was shining in Mamaia and it was a great day for team Ireland in thrid round of EYCC with 7 points !

EYCC 2017 Day 3 Alik and Daniil
EYCC 2017 Day 3 Alice Danny and Daniil
EYCC 2017 Day 3 Conor
EYCC 2017 Day 3 Conor Alik and Daniil

To start, Danny Kashanin has scored his first point of the tournament with a Max Lange attack , which went well and resulted in a win. Danny Dwyer had a win , although as he said he made few inaccuracies , but opponent had blundered the mate and this moved Danny to 2/3 on points. Alice sacrificed a pawn for an attack and also got a win.

Later, Con got his first win against a higher rated opponent from Romania.

Shane also got his first point , which followed by the point from Conor to move him on 2/3. Gavin has finished last and although he needed extra scoresheet , he also ended up with the win.

All in all is great day for Irish team in Mamaia, with lots of points and spirits high! Well done all players, keep them points coming

Day 2

by Aurora

EYCC 2017 Day 2 Con
EYCC 2017 Day 2 Alik and Vahe
EYCC 2017 Day 2 Conor

Second round of the EYCC in Mamaia!

Well fought battles for the Irish team against the best chess players in Europe. That makes this championship one of the toughest.

We accomplished two wins today, one for Mercedes against an opponent from Kosovo and another for Conor against a player from Belarus.

Keeping our heads up for the rounds to come!

Day 1

by Pippa

EYCC 2017 Day 1 Mercedes
EYCC 2017 Day 1 Alice Vs Khanim
EYCC 2017 - Day 1 Playing Hall

First round of the EYCC in Romania today and off to a good start. Alik caused an upset in the U8s, and our first victory, by beating a 1200. Alice got a draw against the second seed, rated 2350 from Azerbaijan. Danny was in the top half of the draw and got a comfortable win. The rest of the delegation, despite all efforts, didn't win points but it is early days yet.

We attended an outdoor opening ceremony this morning in the sunshine, with short speeches and cold drinks.

EYCC2917 - opening ceremony

The delegation is divided between hotels 8km apart but ably managed by Neal who has the whole operation under control.

EYCC 2017 Neal with passes

Looking forward to tomorrow.....

See also the Organisers website for more.

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