The Gonzaga Charity Chess Classic

Gerry Graham

The annual Gonzaga Chess Classic was a fantastic success with over 230 players competing for the 3 titles. It's all the more impressive when you think that this event is an annual project for the 4th year students of Gonzaga college, the event is run each year by a new batch to transition year students! Even more impressive again is the fact that it's run for charity, in it's history, this event has donated more than € 50,000 to charitable causes.

The results of the Masters section which had 4 grand masters playing, can be found here. There is a database of games you can download from this link, it's the output from the live boards with one extra game, the last game listed is the blitz play-off for the title, which Justin Tan won on time.

The Championship section was very hard fought and the final results can be found here.

The Challengers section can be found here - here.

Gonzaga Top Boards, round 2
The impressive set up for the top boards at the Gonzaga Classic 2018 - Round 2. Round 1 could not be played on the live boards unfortunately because of a scheduling clash with the stage.

Gonzaga Classic Blitz Playoff between GM Saric and IM Tan
Tying for first place in the Masters were GM Ante Saric and IM Justin Tan, both 4.5 / 5. They both won € 600 each but had a Blitz for the name on the cup, Justin won.

I'm sure a more detailed report will appear on this site soon, watch out for this.

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