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Sunday 2pm

For the first time on record, the U19,16,14 and 12s all had a silent start due to an excellent game in the U10s that more than went the distance.

The parents and other non-combatants event is in full swing.

Saturday 5.30pm

Half way point in all bar the U8s who play tomorrow.

The U10s played 3 rounds today on the shorter time control of 45m+15sec. Only 4 remain on 3/3 - the top three Irish players, Kavin, Patryk and Daniil, along with David Cunningham. They will face off on the 2 live boards in Round 4 at 6pm.

The U12s also remains tight at the top with 3 on a perfect score and two on 2.5.

The strong favourites both the U14s, James Naughton, and U16s, FM Tom O'Gorman continue to dispatch all before them.

Finally the U19s remains tightly contested.

Friday 11pm

April Cronin writes:

It's 11 pm and a hush has fallen. The only sound is that of the controllers setting out more sets and clocks, ready for the Under-10 rush in the morning.

Round 1 of the Under-19s, Under-16s, Under-14s and Under-12s is complete.

The Under-12s, with 36 entrants, went largely according to seeding with top-graders Kyle Pelling, Con Kirby, William Fairclough, Benjamin Murray, Zhengin Wang and Thomas Cooney all winning. Toughest game of this round was the draw between Yubo Wang and Ritvik Trehan, in which a tough, hard-fought rook-and-pawn ending transposed into an equally intense king-and-pawner. A draw was the fair result.

The Under-14s went completely to the higher-ranked players. James Naughton, Dylan Murphy, Eoin Hunter, Chan Bryan, Ruairi Flynn-Connolly and Jana Solomatina all won. Jana's game was an excellent example of the power of a protected passed pawn and she exploited it mercilessly. Another lady player, Dayna Ferguson, won in 5 will get tougher!

In the Under-16s the top seeds (Tom O'Gorman, Kevin Ye, Seán Hunter and Seán Murphy) all won, the only exception being the bottom board where James Mulvey pulled off a surprise win against David O'Mahony.

Finally, in the epic struggle that is the Under-19s, many games went to the wire and to the 15-second increments. Top seed Fiachra Scallon could only draw with Jacob Flynn, and there were two other incredibly hard-fought draws - between Denis Ruchko and Robbie Kildea and also between Luke Scott and Andrejs Kozlovs. Diana Mirza played well to beat Darragh Moran, Alice O'Gorman beat Kynesha Ryder, while Peter Carroll and Dermot Nolan also won.

Great to see so many ladies playing.

Friday 9pm

Only a few games completed all going with seeding.

Friday 7.30pm

...and they're off! Tonight it the U19, U16, U14 and U12 with the U10 starting in the morning and the U8s on Sunday.

IJCC 2018 - ...and they're off

...and we have an early result in the U14 with the first game finished in 5 minutes

Friday 6pm

Luke Scott predicts:

IJCC 2018 - ...and they're off

The 10 new ICU eBoards look great though one set has four unusual (traitor?) rooks!

IJCC 2018 - unusual eBoard ROOKS

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