WSICC 2018 - Rolling Tournament Report

Tarun Kanyamarala

WSCC2018 - Irish Results

Day 9

Ireland trio finish on 3/3 on the final day to earn 4th, 9th and 9th places. With an overall score of 16.5/27 this is one of the stronger showings by an entire Irish delegation.

Well done Trisha, Tarun and Zalan.

A note of thanks from Trisha

Day 7

It is totally unclear as we are heading towards a closed finish. Trisha and Zalan faced defeat. It looks like all the dreams are shattered for Trisha and Zalan. Trisha playing for the first time in age categories and she is under tremendous pressure.

As I am out of the medal tally, I played a very cool game. I didn't do any kind of preparation. Enjoyed all day in swimming pool.

Trisha completely shattered after her defeat, but still managed to let explain her game.

Zalan, gave a good fight but may be we need more wishes from Ireland to strengthen our luck. You can watch Zalan game on below link.

Day 6

It's a better day for Ireland at World Schools Chess Championship. Zalan is Anish Giri of Ireland. He made one more draw! It is very interesting. Zalan playing rock solid chess. No loss so far. Well done Zalan.

I won today's game, you can view my game on below link. My chances of getting a medal is ruled out. Just I need to win all the rest of the three rounds for a respectable finish. I thank Desmond and John for keep encouraging me, which gave some energy today.

Under 13 girls category seems to be lot of upsets. Day before yesterday, Chinese girl upset Trisha, but the same Chinese girl lost to Mongolian. Trisha will be playing with this Mongolian tomorrow. If Trisha wants Gold medal, winning 7th round is must. Trisha back to top board now. View Trisha game on below link.

Ireland so far 11/18.

Day 5

Zalan playing a safe game and no loss so far. He is the only player from Ireland who has no loss so far. Zalan playing against Turkish today. If Zalan wins, he will be the main contender for one of medal for sure.

It is a coincidence that Trisha and I are playing against Turkey. I am continuing with my losses. I am not sure where I am doing wrong. Have a look about my game below.

Taurun's game

Trisha managed to draw with Turkish player. Top board Chinese, looks to be main contender for first position managed to win against Georgian. She is flying with one point lead. It is becoming tuf. See below her game.

Trisha's game

Day 4

Zalan, undefeated so far on 2.5/4. Zalan made a draw today. Tarun and Trisha faced defeat today. Trisha lost to a Chinese player, Tarun lost to Khazak.

It is very bad day for Tarun and Trisha. It is hard for us to do analysis, but as we promised and don't want to disappoint viewers, we tried our best to do this video with a broken heart. Please follow the below links. Trisha game Tarun game

Total points made by Irish at World Schools Chess Championship 7.5/12.

Day 3

I recovered from throat infection and feeling better. Gargil salted warm water gave a quick relief and I am back on track.

It's a good day for Irish players, no one has to face the defeat today. We prepared our today's report by walking on the Adriatic sea coast.

Trisha continuing her battle on the first board. She had a comfortable win against Albanian player. Trisha sole leader in her category 3/3. They had a time pressure for both of them, but her opponent feeling the pressure, but Trisha never came into pressure. They played Kings Indian Defence. Watch more on the below link.

I played against Ali Ahad from Azerbaijan. I prepared deeply after yesterday defeat. I tried early Nh5 to confuse my opponent. His major mistake was Nfd2. I developed all my pieces rapidly, after my opponent castle, I broke the centre and I won because of well coordination of pieces. This is the first game as far as I think, where I applied 90% of my preparation. See more on the below link for analysis.

Zalan made a draw, Zalan and Trisha didn't faced any defeat so far. Ireland 7/9 in total so far.

See you tomorrow for more updates.

Day 2

Trisha and I had a throat infection after drinking Albanian water. It is bright sunny weather in Albania, we went for a walk on the beach after my defeat.

I played against Azerbaijan player who is top seeded in under 15 open category. He is 200 points Elo above then my rating. He is very aggressive player. I managed to be slight over edge till the end. To know more about my game see my below video.

My sister Trisha played on the top board, her opponent is from Albania her name is Shuqja Klean.Her opponent played good in the opening. In the middle game both had time pressure. They played the Caro-Kann exchange variation. To know more about her game, watch below link.

Stay tuned for our round 3 report tomorrow.

Day 1

We traveled from Tatry to Budapest by road for 5 hours, then Budapest to Sarajevo by flight and In between dangerous mountains and Valleys crossed Montenegro and arrived midnight at Durres. It is a horrific road between Sarajevo and Durres. We have to close eyes and sit tight on the bends.

The arrangements were good except huge road works going on in front of the venue, and one of the participant, broke his leg, while walking.

We are three Irish players playing at wscc. Myself in Under 15 open, Zalan Nemeth in Under 17 open and Trisha under 13 Girls.

Irish players kicked off to a great start, all the three players won the first round. Trisha playing on the top board, we hope she continues till the last round. Please click on the two links for our today's game. Trisha game. Tarun game.

It's going to be tuf day tomorrow, as I am playing with top seeded in my category, Trisha continuing her 1st board and Nemeth playing against a high rated then him.

See you to tomorrow with some more updates.

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