LCU Cups 2019 Results & Schedule

John Loughran

The Branagan Cup this year is a five team round robin team event for Leinster clubs. BC Pairings and Latest Results

The Killane Shield and William Brennan Cup are this year combined into a five team round robin, with a separate trophy awarded for the top team in each competition. KS/WB Pairings and Latest Results

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LCU Cups Schedule
LCU Cups 2019 Opening Round
LCU Cups 2019 Finals
organised by John McMorrow.

For the rules see the end of the LCU_League_Rules.pdf
Note: In the Branagan the time control is 1 h 30 min + 30 s/move and weekday matches start at 7:15 pm.
In the Killane/William Brennan the time control is 1 h 15 min + 30 s/move and weekday matches start at 7:30 pm.


As this year these competitions are being run as a league rather than a knockout, any tie for places between teams will be decided first on the score between the two teams and then by board count as laid down in the LCU League and Cup rules above, i.e. 6 for a win on board 1, 5 for a win on board 2 etc. This is despite what may be displayed (erroneously) by the pairings/results software on

Submitting Results

Note for team captains: For each match both team captains should submit a photo/file of the team scorecard immediately after the match. Please send by WhatsApp (get phone number by email) or email to , Ideally this should contain players' names, codes and ratings as published on 1st June, used for 150 point rule. Then results should be online soon after that. Up to round 2, results were online less than 24 hours after each match, thanks to team captains' prompt submissions.

A sample blank scorecard can be downloaded here as a PDF: LCUCupsScoreCard.pdf to print out and photograph, or as a spreadsheet: LCUCupsScoreCard.xls, to send.

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