Details relating to the 2018-19 AGM

John McMorrow

The AGM will be held at 4pm on Sunday, 29th September in the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin. The Irish Rapid Championships will take place at the same venue starting at 11am with registration from 10.30am onward.

In order for the motions and nominations to be made available to the membership at least four weeks before the AGM, as required by the Constitution (article 7.2) the closing date for the receipt of motions and nominations will be end of day Thursday, August 29th. Proposed motions and nominations for the Executive Committee (as well as acceptances of Executive committee nominations) should be emailed to . These motions will then be reviewed with full details of motions published by Sunday, 1st September. Nominations for Executive positions will be published below once members have been nominated and have accepted their nomination.

Members are advised to read Articles 7, 9 and 10 of the constitution.

Relating to Article 7.6 - "fully paid members of the Union" refers only to 2018-19 members who have their 2018-19 subscription paid before the publication of motions and nominations.


Vice Chairperson:

GM Alexander Baburin (nominated by John McMorrow)


Ciaran Mahon (nominated by John McMorrow)


Rating Officer:

David Murray (nominated by John McMorrow)

Tournament Officer:

Ivan Baburin (nominated by John McMorrow)

Junior Officer:

Desmond Beatty (nominated by John McMorrow)

Development Officer:

Conor Barrett (nominated by John McMorrow)

Public Relations Officer:

Women's Officer:

Mariana Verdes (nominated by John McMorrow)


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