Gonzaga College Wins Millfield International Tournament 2019

Nandita - Juniors Officer

Gonzaga College Wins Millfield International Tournament for the 6th time in a row!!!

Gonzaga College Celebrating Victory

Millfield tournament organized by Grandmaster Matthew Turner, where 11 teams participated. This is the 36th edition conducted by Millfield College Somerset. Players, coaches, parents and team managers, etc., over 150 attended the prestigious Millfield tournament. The tournament was held on 12th and 13th October 2019.

Grand Master Matthew Turner explains the history of Millfield.

The 11 teams which participated are:

  1. Millfield School
  2. Gonzaga College A
  3. Colaiste Wanna
  4. R.G.S Guildford
  5. St.Andrew's, Dublin
  6. Chepstow
  7. Bristol
  8. Winchester College
  9. Irish All-Stars
  10. St.Benildus
  11. Gonzaga College B

Beautiful Trophies at Millfield International 2019

After 2 Qualifying Rounds, 6 teams qualified for Championship Section.

1.Gonzaga A 2.R.G.S.Guildford 3.Bristol 4.Irish All-Stars 5.Winchester 6.Chepstow

Majors Section

1.Gonzaga B 2.Millfield 3.St.Benildus 4.Colaiste Eanna 5.St.Andrews

Here is what the Colaiste Eanna and Irish All-Stars team managers had to say about their team experiences at the Millfield Tournament.

Here is what James Doyle manager of St.Andrews team said "Expectations on teams"

Supporting the Gonzaga team, Ireland's highest-rated player IM Sam Collins accompanied the team as a Coach and shared a lot of tips to the players and analyzed their games round after round. The planning was perfect, thou Gonzaga is lagging until the penultimate round. Gonzaga Managers and coach didn't let the players down and keep motivating players until the last round.
Watch the below video of IM Sam Collins about Millfield, his team, and tips for Juniors.