Selection Report for The Northern Quadrangular, Liverpool College, Liverpool, 7/8 Dec 2019


Report of the Junior Selection Committee 23rd Oct 2019

The following players are hereby offered places to represent Ireland in The Northern Quadrangular, Liverpool College, Liverpool, 7/8 Dec 2019 as follows:

U16 (Ireland Team of 6)

Leon Putar

Kavin Venkatesan

Patryk Brozynski

Lara Putar

Oisin O Cuilleanain

Eric Wang

U14 (Ireland (5) and England Midlands (5) = team of 10)

Andrew Finnerty

Thomas Cooney

Lucy Bueckert

Diana Bueckert

Luke Thornton

Congratulations to all!

To accept an offered place... ...players must be paid up ICU members for 2019/20 and confirm acceptance of their offered place by email (incl advising their "Accompanying Adult" ) to cc , by 30th Oct 2019. Parents are asked to note Playing for Ireland - an overview for Juniors and their Parents

Selectors notes

The selection was made from those expressing interest by the due date via the ICU website event entry system and within age bands.

*Accompanying Persons

• The ICU and its officials cannot take in loco parentis responsibility for players.

• For all players who are under 12 or younger (where this is defined as the FIDE age, i.e. age as at 1 January of the year in question), a family member must accompany the player.

• For older players (i.e. 12 years old and above) who are competing for the first time in this type of event, the ICU strongly recommends that a family member accompanies them.

• For older players who have had experience of previous similar events, it may be appropriate for families to collaborate such that one adult travels with the team and looks after a number of players in addition to their own child. This may have the advantage of reducing overall costs or managing the time commitment required.

• Such arrangements should be made directly between relevant parents/guardians and must be notified to the Head of Delegation and/or the Development Officer (Junior International) when accepting a place.

• In no circumstances may a single adult be responsible for more than 4 players.

• The adult taking responsibility for others’ children will need to be equipped with a letter from the child’s parent or guardian confirming that they have permission to take the child out of the Ireland.

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