Sona Super Cup 2019 Day 1+2

Nandita (Junior's Officer)

Sona Irish Youth Super Cup completed 2 days of the tournament. The next 2 days of the tournament will be on 23rd and 24th November. Chief Arbiter Ivan started the tournament. Thanks to Vahe and his team of Armenian Chess Club for organising this event. Watch the below video to view the opening ceremony.

Tournament Report day 1 and 2

Under 10:

Arman (1434) top seeded of under 10 section is leading the field scoring 3.5/4. Liu Jason (734) drew against the top seed Arman.

Under 12:

Atharva Paibir (1333) 5th seed, is currently a Sole leader with a whopping 4/4! ICU interviewed Atharva to find the secret behind his outstanding performance, he says in last year Sona Super Cup, he got only 1 point out of 6. We will be posting Atharvas interview on ICU facebook page.

Kavin and Lara battled each other which ended in a draw half a point behind Atharva.

Kavin and Lara haven't played against Atharva yet, so it will be interesting to see how Kavin and Lara can stop mighty Atharva's lead.

Lievens Karel didn't have a smooth start, he lost against Daniil Kashanin in the first round.

Under 14:

Leon Putar (1882) top seed of under 14 section is leading the field scoring 3.5/4.

Under 19:

Recently minted FM, Tarun showed his dominance, he scored 4/4, leading with one point.

Darragh and Utkarsh played excellent games against Trisha and made a draw.

Oisin showcased his magnificent opening preparation against James. James played Najdorf, Oisin played the sharpest and tricky poison pawn variation. James forgets the theory had suffered from a painful miniature game loss.

James didn't lose his hopes, round 2, he played against Trisha with white pieces. James was clearly winning in the Rook endgame, Trisha Offered a draw in a losing position. James immediately turned down the offer and played a big blunder which cost him a full point.

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