Sona Irish Junior Super Cup finishes in style

Nandita (Juniors Officer)

Sona Irish Junior Super Cup finishes in style

Sona Super Cup started on the 2nd of November and completed on the 24th of November.

There were a total of 5 categories, U19, U16, U14, U12, U10 in which the U19 and the U16 were merged.

Prize Winners Under-10

1st place Arshakyan Arman 5.5/7
2nd place Ivanov Andrey 4.5/7
3rd place Liu Jason 3.5/7


1st place Kavin Venkatesan 6.5/7
2nd place Lara Putar 6.5/7
3rd place Atharva 4/7


1st place Leon Putar 6/7
2nd place Adam Collins 5/7
3rd place Avetisyan Gagik 3/7

Under-16 1st place Trisha 6/7
2nd place Utkarsh Gupta 4/7
3rd place Muhatarim Ul-Haque 3.5/7

Under 19 1st place Tarun Kanyamarla 6/7


Intense matches

There were 4 matches for a play-off. The Play-off regulations were both players will play 1 black and 1 white game with a time control of 3min+2sec increment, if after 2 games the score is 1-1, then players will play an Armageddon game. Armageddon rules are: white will have 5min and black will have 4 minutes, black only need to draw to clinch the victory for the match

Lara vs Kavin playing for 1st place in the Under 12 section

Top-seed of Under 12 section Kavin was placed 2nd on tiebreaks, but he proved to be stronger than Lara by defeating her 2-0.

Gagik vs Wang playing for 3rd place in the Under 14 section

Gagik vs Wang had 2 interesting endgames where Gagik came out at the top

Atharva vs Lievens playing for 3rd place in the Under 12 section

Atharva didn’t have a good performance in the second half of the tournament. Atharva lost his last three games consecutively against Lievens, Kavin, and Lara. He took his revenge by defeating Lievens 2-0

Tarun vs Trisha playing for 1st place Under 16/19

Brother-Sister duo had a nail-biting finish. The first game, Tarun played 1.Na3!


To surprise her sister, Tarun went on to win in a positional style. In the second game, Trisha didn’t lose hopes and played the second game with great tactical play and played a shocking tactic.

Can you find what did Trisha did here that shocked Tarun? White to play.

Trisha's tactical trick against Tarun - Sona Super Cup 2019
Click here for Solution

Now the score was 1-1, now the match had to be decided by an Armageddon game. Watch the nail-biting Armageddon game

The above article is written by Tarun

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