4NCL Online

Mike Tarun

We’re hoping to set up a new 4NCL online chess league very soon (the next couple of weeks latest) – named, funnily enough, 4NCL Online.

4NCL Online will be based not only on existing 4NCL teams who are interested in participating, but also any new teams that wish to apply to join the league including existing OTB clubs across the four nations.

  1. The format will be a (probably) regionally based group stage, after which the top teams from each group will qualify for a final stage.

  2. Matches will be between teams of four players using (probably) a 45 mins/15 sec time control.

  3. Matches will take place on weekday evenings at around (probably) fortnightly intervals.

  4. The exact format will depend on numbers of teams entering.

  5. There’s no entry fee, and (if funds permit) we’ll arrange some trophies for winning teams.

If you’re interested in entering a team/teams, could you please let me know as soon as you can so that we can get an idea of likely interest? Any thoughts on formats or other arrangements would be very welcome.


Created 2020-03-23 ◦ Last updated 2020-03-23 ◦ Editor JMM

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