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Mark Quinn

I am running beginners courses for adults on Monday mornings and evenings, intermediate courses for adults (up to 1300 Elo) on wednesday evenings, Advanced courses for adults on Friday mornings and evenings and finally a Masterclass for players (1300+ up to expert 2000 level) called 'How to beat a Grandmaster Irish Style!'

All the information is on my website,

Adult Beginners Course: Adult Intermediate Course: Adult advanced Course: Masterclass: How to beat a Grandmaster - Irish Style!:

I would also request that any ICU members who have played interesting games against GMs (regardless of the result) in weekenders or tournaments abroad send their games in. I expect there are lots of instructive games that never made it into a database. If anyone wants to send me such a game, I might be able to include it in the course and a book of the same name that I am currently writing and researching. They can send the games to [email protected]

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