The British Online Championships: Arbiters are needed

John McMorrow

There will be 3 different types of arbiters required, Zoom, Pairings and Results(P&R) and General arbiting.

Duties will include General arbiting will include dispute resolution, collecting and/or identification of game webpages for cheating checking and monitoring defaults. P&R arbiters will also be collecting results and doing the pairings and determining qualifiers. Zoom arbiters will be monitoring players on Zoom. Zoom Arbiters will need to have DBS, or equivalent, if the players involved are juniors.

There are a couple of other tasks that need to be carried out, but these are not necessarily done by the arbiters.

There are 4 playing sessions per day, nominally each of 3 hours. However, some tournaments will have sessions of more than 3 hours, so the longest time that 1 arbiter may be working is 4-5 hours. They hope to have enough arbiters such that nobody needs to work more than 1 session a day.

They are not specifying that arbiters need to be FA or NA. However, they do need an arbiting qualification and people with online arbiting or controlling experience would be preferred to those with only OTB experience. However, arbiters with only OTB experience should still apply as there are probably not enough online arbiters for the needs of the tournament.

Contact if you wish to apply.

Created 2020-11-12 ◦ Last updated 2020-11-12 ◦ Editor JMM

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