Celtic Nations Online Junior team championship 2020

Slavko & Venkat

Celtic Nations Online Junior team championship Is held on lichess platform on December 5th & 6th as 3 competitions: U16 (6 players / team), U14 (10 players / team) & U12 (10 players / team). Teams participating are Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Jersey.

With 26 players included, this is a great chance for many new players to play for Ireland for the first time. All 26 participants are below.

U16 Ireland Players:

Collins, Adam

Putar, Leon

Gupta, Utkarsh

Hackett, William

O’Cuilleanain, Oisin

Avetisyan, Gagik

U14 Ireland Players :

Putar, Lara

Brozynski, Patryk

Murray, Benjamin

Coughlan, Cody

Cooney, Thomas

Brady, Fearghal

Kashanin, Daniil

Liu, Wenle

Harris, Dexter

Cooney, Lorcan

U12 Ireland Players :

Ivanov, Andrey

Bueckert, Diana

Liu, Jason

Liu, Benjamin

Woods, Christopher

McCormick, Polly

Rolston, Daniel

Stack, George

Oisin Pu, Pei Lei

Cole, Ethan

All team play all other teams twice, so 6 rounds are played in total.

Round 1 Ireland plays Wales.

U12 team nicely won 8:2. As tournament is about game points, this might be important. Andrey, Diana, Jason, Christopher, Daniel, George & Ethan won their games, while Polly & Pei Lei drew. At the same time, Scotland won by the same 8:2 to Jersey.

U14 team drew their match - 5:5. Patrick, Ben, Cody, Fearghal & Wenle won. As a curiosity, 8 /10 games were won by players with black pieces! Next round a big challenge ahead – we play Scotladn, who whitewashed Jersey 10:0!

U16 team won 3.5:2.5, with Adam, Utkarsh & Gagik winning, while Oisin drew. Scotland won 4.5:1.5 at the same time.

Round 2 Ireland play Scotland

A tough match for our U12s, with 3:7 as final score. Andrey the only one with a win, and 4 draws by Diana, Jason, Polly & Daniel. A rematch is tomorrow, though…

A tight victory 5.5:4.5 for U14s vs Scotland, with no less then 5 draws! Fearghal, Daniil & Wenle won, while Lara, Ben, Cody, Thomas & Dexter drew.

Hard luck for U16s, too – lost 2:4. Leon the only one with a win, William & Gagik drew.

Round 3 Ireland play Jersey

A big win for our U12 team, 9.5:0.5. After Day 1, in the lead with 21 points is U12 Scotland, closely followed by Ireland on 20.5. Wales is 3rd with 15 points.

U14s won 10:0, which puts us in the lead after Day 1 with 20.5 points. Scotland follows with 19, and Wales is on 17.5.

A clean sheet for our U16s also, after a 6:0 win to Jersey. Scotland in the lead with 12 points, followed by our team at 11.5 and Wales at 10 points.

Round 4 Ireland play Wales

Somewhat disappointing 4:6 defeat to Wales for our U12s, after an easy 8:2 win against the same team yesterday. Andrey, Jason, Benjamin & Daniel won.

Completely the opposite case for U14s. After yesterday’s draw to Wales, today we won 8.5:1.5 – keeping the 1.5 points lead ahead of Scotland. Lara, Ben, Thomas, Fearghal, Daniil, Wenle, Dexter & Lorcan won, and Patryk drew.

And a clear 4.5:1.5 win for U16s. Adam, Leon, Utkarsh and Oisin won, and Gagik drew. If we can do better vs Scotland then yesterday, we have a chance to win this.

Round 5 Ireland play Scotland

A narrow defeat for U12 team, 4.5:5.5 final score. Andrey, Jason, Christopher and Polly won, while Diana drew.

U14 team lost 4:6 to Scotland and is now 0.5 points behind them – which looks reachable before last round. Patrick, Ben, Cody and Lorcan won.

U16s drew 3:3 to Scotland and need a big win in the last round and some help from Wales in their match to Scotland. Leon, Utkarsh & Gagik won,

Round 6 Ireland play Jersey + final results

U12s won 9:1 to Jersey, this being enough for 2nd place in the competition – although very close to 1st place winners Scotland. Final table Scotland 38.5, Ireland 38, Wales 35, Jersey 8 points. Great play by many players whose names we haven’t heard before! But we will hear about them in the future, keep training and playing.

Top scorer for U12 and across all Irish teams was Andrey Ivanov with 6/6 on board 1. Well done Andrey! He was closely followed by Jason Liu with 5.5, Daniel Rolston (4.5), Diana Bueckert and Christopher Woods (4), Polly McCormick (3.5), George Stack and Ethan Cole (3), Pei Lei Oisin Pu (2.5) and Benjamin Liu (2).

U14s again won 10:0 against Jersey, just as yesterday. This was more than enough to win the 1st place in this competition, well done all! Final table Ireland 43 points, Scotland 39.5, Wales 31, Jersey 6.5.

Top scorer for U14s was Benjamin Murray with 5.5/6 points. Fearghal Brady and Wenle Liu got 5, Patryk Brozynski and Cody Coughlan 4.5, Daniil Kashanin and Cody Coughlan 4, Lara Putar, Thomas Cooney and Dexter Harris 3.5. All team members won more then 50% of the points available!

U16s won 5:1, winning 2nd place in the competition. Final table Scotland 25.5, Ireland 24, Wales 16.5, Jersey 6 points. Well done, U16 team!

Shared top scorers for U16s were Leon Putar, Utkarsh Gupta and Gagik Avetisyan, all with 5 points. Oisin O’Cuilleanain got 3.5, Adam Collins 3 and William Hackett 2 points.

Final results: U12: https://chess-results.com/tnr542375.aspx?lan=1&art=0&flag=30

U14: https://chess-results.com/tnr542374.aspx?lan=1

u16: https://chess-results.com/tnr542373.aspx?lan=1&art=0&flag=30

Well done !

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