Summer Training Courses by IM Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn

I've made the Chess Bud Essential Playbook Showreel (16 videos so far) available for FREE to COMPLETE BEGINNERS looking to learn the essential rules and understand key concepts such as check, castling, en passant etc. The Experienced Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Courses all have specific themes this term and I have recorded introductory videos showcasing each theme. Classes also include a review and analysis of student games from the weekly Sunday night Chess Bud tournaments held on

COMPLETE BEGINNERS (Unrated to 7OO Elo) Full course details and link to FREE Beginners Showreel at

EXPERIENCED BEGINNERS (From 700-1000 Elo): The Tricky Traxler, The Vienna with 3. Bc4 Full course details and video introduction at

INTERMEDIATE (From 1000-1300 Elo): Strategic Pawn & Piece Sacrifices Full course details and video introduction at

ADVANCED (From 1300-1800 Elo): Positional Play focusing on the English, Reti & Nimzovitsch-Larsen Attack Full course details and video introduction at

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