2022-23 Projects/Volunteers Needed

John McMorrow

In advance of the 2022-23 season and 2022 AGM, we wanted to list off some projects and other self-contained items for which the ICU would require additional volunteers. These are non-executive and would receive directives from the ICU committee but not be required to attend meetings:

Online Event Coordinator:

  1. ICU member events
  2. International Matches
  3. Online Olympiad
  4. Podcast host
  5. Twitch host

Organisers for:

  1. Irish Women's Championship
  2. National Club Championship
  3. Easter Open
  4. Irish Championship (one or more of the events)
  5. Chess Day
  6. Interprovincials

Coaching coordinator:

  1. Coordinator for top Irish players
  2. Coordinator for promising players (Rated 1700 and up)

Coordinators for National Schools Championship:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary

Coordinators for Seminars:

  1. Arbiters
  2. Coaches
  3. Teachers

Coordinators for Outreach projects such as:

  1. Chess for the homeless
  2. Chess in Prisons
  3. Chess for refugees

Site design:

  1. Site improvements
  2. Rating Site Upgrades

Tournament Organiser Liaison:

  1. Working with organisers on advice/questions.
  2. Setting up online payment facilities on ICU site.

Equipment Coordinators

  1. Store equipment of the ICU.
  2. Sell equipment of ICU to members/clubs/schools.
  3. Transport equipment to events.

Social Media Coordinators.

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram


  1. Munster leagues
  2. Leinster leagues
  3. Ulster leagues
  4. 50+/65+ events
  5. Junior events - domestic and/or international.

Blitz/Rapid Coordinator

  1. Set up events on ICU.ie.
  2. Source Arbiter.
  3. Source Equipment.

County Championship Coordinator

Universities Coordinator

50+/65+ Coordinator

Created 2022-08-13 ◦ Last updated 2022-11-09 ◦ Editor JMM

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