Fundamental Rook Endgames seminar

Location Talbot Stillorgan Hotel
Start date 2019-05-25
End date 2019-05-25
Sections 1600+
Contact Alex Baburin, 0879682378
Flyer Rook-endgames-seminar-May-2019.pdf
Category Irish

At this seminar Grandmaster Alex Baburin will focus on rook endgames with no more than two pawns in total. Such endgames are very common and therefore important. At the same time, these endgames can be very difficult to play correctly and even top Grandmasters often make mistakes in them. Improving your technique in this area will bring in many extra points over the board. GM Alex Baburin will test your knowledge in such positions, explain key positions and techniques and then again test your understandi

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