FIDE Online World Cadets & Youth Rapid Chess Championship

Location Tornelo
Start date 2020-11-27
End date 2020-12-23
Sections U10 Open, U12 Open, U14 Open, U16 Open, U18 Open, U10 Girls, U12 Girls, U14 Girls, U16 Girls, U18 Girls
Contact Venkat
Event website
Category Junior International

In the selection stage, every FIDE Continent will run a 7-round Swiss tournament for each one of the categories (U10 open, U10 girls, et cetera). Each Member Federation can register one player per each category and, besides, players ranked Continental top-10 in each one of the categories is also invited.

The time control for the selection stage will be 10 minutes + 3 seconds increment starting from the first move.


U10 Open 5 entries

1025 Andrey Ivanov

700 Yang Liu

700 Nathan Jacob Renji

Pei Lin Oisin Pu

George Stack

U12 Open 5 entries

2032 Kavin Venkatesan

1515 Rafael Ninan Renji

1099 David Cunningham

1071 Wenle Liu

913 Jason Liu

U14 Open 0 entries

U16 Open 4 entries

1966 Adam Collins

1901 Leon Putar

1808 Utkarsh Gupta

1615 William Hackett

U18 Open 1 entries

2296 FM Tarun Kanyamarala

U10 Girls 3 entries

700 Helen Bueckert

700 Leah Cunningham

700 Polly Mc Cormick

U12 Girls 1 entries

965 Diana Bueckert

U14 Girls 1 entries

1969 Lara Putar

U16 Girls 1 entries

2178 WIM Trisha Kanyamarala

U18 Girls 0 entries

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