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The ICU International Selection sub-Committee (ISC) met on the 24th of April 2005 and selections for the following events have been decided:

European Team Championships

Applying weighted average ratings to the Men's candidates for the European Championships, we get:

Alex Baburin2518
Brian Kelly2482
Sam Collins2385
Mark Quinn2378
Mark Heidenfeld2350
Stephen Brady2329
Gavin Wall2338
Joe Ryan2307
Mark Orr2291
John Joyce2254
Alex Lopez2243
Mel O'Cinneide2237

The ISC reserves the right to reverse the order of any players whose ISC weighted ratings are within 10 points of each other. This was done in the case of Gavin Wall and Stephen Brady because of Stephen's excellent recent form in the Armstrong Cup. This year's European Championship team (4 players and 1 sub) will be taken from the above list of players, starting at the top and working downwards until a team is filled. In the event of any player declining his place, reserves will be drawn form the rest of the list in the order in which they appear above. Please note that the board order of the team will also be taken from this list.

The ladies team was selected as follows (proper ISC weighted ratings could not be calculated due to a lack of FIDE ratings for most of the players):

*Hannah Lowry-O'Reilly, because of her age, needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to play.

Note that no other ladies team candidates are selected and so this will be the team if they can all play. If not, then there will be no ladies team for this year's European Championships.

British Championship 2004

The British Chess Federation also invites the Irish Chess Union to select two players to participate in the British Chess Championships. The Selection Committee has decided this year to invite any interested Irish player, with a FIDE rating of 2200+ to apply to the Irish Chess Union Secretary, Shannon Clements for one of the two places on offer.

Glorney and Faber Teams

The Glorney and Faber teams were selected as follows. Bold text indicates selection for team; remaining names are reserves in order of priority. More reserves than usual were selected this year because of the clashes of dates with the World Youth Championships.

World Junior Championships

For this under 20 competition we were requested to select one boy and one girl. However, it was decided there was no suitable candidate for the girl's section and that the following list of boys would be offered a place in the order they appear below.

World and European Youth Championships

There are various age groups in this competition and selections were made as follows:

Under 18, Boys: Alex Lopez (choice of either European or World spots, the one he rejects will be offered to Matthew Dignam and then to Karl McPhillips). Girls: Hannah Lowry O'Reilly (choice of either European or World spots or both).

Under 16, Boys: Stephen Moran (choice of either European or World spots, the one he rejects will be offered to Calum Leitch and then to David Grzymek or Eamonn Walls). No girls selected.

Under 14, Boys: David Fitzsimons (choice of either European or World spots, the one which he rejects will be offered to Liam Normoyle and then to Dara Murphy, Sam Osborne, Jamie Flynn or Oisin Benson. Girls: Catherine Danaher (choice of either European or World spots, the one which she rejects will be offered to Poornima Menon).

Under 12, Boys: Stephen Hanly (choice of either European or World spots, the one which he rejects will be offered to Eanna Ryan). No girls selected.

Under 10, Boys: Robert White (choice of either European or World spots or both). No other players selected.

Please note that this statement has been approved by the executive of the Irish Chess Union. If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to email the .

Appendix - Weighted Average Ratings

As previously stated, the ISC uses as its primary selection criteria, a weighted rating calculation. In practice, this selection mechanism only applies to recommendations regarding the selection of senior teams, though it may in due course, with the announced extension of the international FIDE rating system, apply to other Irish representative selections as well.

The following defines the weighted rating calculation applied to determine the ISC weighted rating:

As can be seen, the weighted rating is a combination of a player's most recent ICU and FIDE ratings weighted to give more emphasis to more recent ratings and to the national rating over the international rating.

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