Garry Kasparov's visit to Ireland 2014

Úna O Boyle

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Úna O Boyle is the ICU Public Relations Officer and co-organiser (along with Eamon Keogh) of Garry Kasparov's visit to Ireland. This visit was kindly sponsored by Gaelscoileanna Teo, Foras na Gaeilge, Úna O Boyle, Eamon Keogh and Garry Kasparov. Many thanks to Geraldine Woods and Eimear Keogh for the photographs. A very special thank you to Enda O'Looney from ROOM4 Productions for documenting the visit.

November 2013

It was a few years ago that Gary O’Grady initiated the discussions on bringing Garry Kasparov to Ireland. I jumped at the concept but the financial barriers were too much to overcome. I deleted it as a failed mission until Garry Kasparov announced his candidacy for FIDE President in October 2013. The following month I circulated a letter to those who I believed may have the experience and knowhow of furthering my ideas. It was December when Eamon Keogh returned with, not only a concept, but a real and probable plan. From that day in December we worked tirelessly to execute a platform for Kasparov to discuss his vision for FIDE with delegates from neighbouring countries. How else were delegates truly going to understand Kasparov’s ideas for change without meeting the man himself? The journey was not without resistance and at times proved too much for both of us. However, we believed that this event would be one of the most important visits in sporting history in Ireland and with the vision of the development and exposure to Irish chess we knew that Garry Kasparov could make a difference. Nothing was spared as we set preparing for this momentous visit.

Irish FIDE Delegate Eamon Keogh enjoys a joke with Garry Kasparov
LOCK AND KEY HEAD - Presentation to Garry Kasparov - Orla de Bri (Sculptor)
Garry Kasparov and Eamon Keogh - Irish FIDE Delegate and co-organiser of Garry's visit to Ireland.
LOCK AND KEY HEAD - Presentation to Garry Kasparov - Orla de Brí (Sculptor).

March 2014

The weekend of Garry Kasparov's visit to Dublin was an extremely busy one for Eamon Keogh, myself and all of those who gave unconditionally of their energy. I would personally like to thank Garry Kasparov for introducing much needed debate on many aspects of the game among the Irish public and in the political arena. There is no doubt that the political aspects of chess as well as the well documented benefits in education are now being discussed in a far greater arena. For this, I thank you Garry.

Bono makes his way for a private chat about chess and politics with Garry Kasparov in the Clarence Hotel, Dublin
Bono makes his way to Garry's suite for a private visit.

During Garry's stay in the Clarence hotel he met with Bono and Tweeted afterwards
"I'd not have imagined having many foreign policy agreements with Bono, but I was wrong!"

Garry Kasparov takes a phonecall while Stephen Stokes and Oscar Wilde look on.
Garry Kaspavov reading Oscar Wilde quotes
Garry Kasparov with Oscar Wilde

During his visit, chess player and Mayor of Greystones, Stephen Stokes kindly took Garry on a walkabout of Dublin. It seems that Garry is a major fan of Oscar Wilde and chuckled heartily at some of Oscar's quotes.

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Míle Buíochas
To all chess players who have helped Eamon Keogh and me
in preparing for Garry Kasparov’s visit to Ireland, thank you.
Thank you Herbert, Bernadette, Kieran, Brendan, Colm, Stephen, Bernard, Mark,
Kevin, Gary, Marina, Brian, parents of Irish chess juniors and many more.

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