2016 International Selection Committee

John McMorrow

The ICU International Selections Committee (ISC) for the 2015-16 period is comprised of Gerry O'Connell, Daniel Lynch (Selection Officer), Rory Quinn, Eddie O'Connor, and Andrew Kildea (Rating Officer). They shall make their selections shortly after the official March rating list is published on here on April 1st.

Player selection for all upcoming events as required by the ICU Executive will follow existing guidelines published on this website, comprising:

Terms of Reference for the Selection Committee

Eligibility Criteria

Selections will be made using the March published ratings versions of the Simple Weighted Average Ratings. This means that all events up to the end of March will be included for selection purposes.

Only current ICU members as listed here and here shall be deemed eligible for consideration.

It is the right of the ISC to reverse the order of any players whose ratings on the above list are within 10 points of each other.

The ISC shall submit a selection report to the ICU Executive within 10 days of the publication of the March Rating list. On approval by the ICU Executive the report will be published here and qualifying candidates for each event will be notified by the secretary of the ISC.

Captains and Head of Delegation:

Candidates will be selected based on the following criteria.

Closing date for entries will be March 15th. Please email the secretary ([email protected]) if you are interested.

Soon after, the ISC will make their recommendations to the Executive Committee and on approval, candidates will be notified by the secretary of the ISC.

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