Eligibility Criteria for Adult Events

Last updated: January 2016 based on motions passed at 2015 EGM.

  1. A person is eligible to be selected to play for Ireland if that person was born in either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland - hereinafter Ireland - or had either one or both parents born in Ireland, or is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.
  2. To be considered for selection, a person not qualifying under the above criterion must, on 1st of January of the year in which the representative international tournament is scheduled to take place, have been:
    • resident in Ireland for a period of not less than two years; and
    • registered on the FIDE Rating List under IRL for a period of not less than one year.
  3. To be considered for selection for a representative International tournament, a male player qualifying under 1 or 2 above must also fulfil the following minimum activity criteria in the two years preceding the date on which the International Selection Committee meet to consider selection of players for the tournament:
    • 30 rated games (at standard time controls - the games involved should have a time control of at least 1 hour and 15 minutes per player), at least 18 of which must be played in Ireland. Players who are not resident in Ireland who play in FIDE rated events and/or tournaments in their country of residence or elsewhere outside of Ireland must provide proof of their activity levels to the international Selection Committee; or
    • 24 rated games provided this includes at least one of the two Irish Senior Championships held in the two years preceding the start date of the representative international tournament for which he wishes to be considered for selection.
  4. A female player qualifying under 1 above must play in a minimum of 12 ICU rated games in the two years prior to the representative International tournament for which she is being considered for selection. The two year period shall reckon backwards from the date on which the International Selection Committee meet to consider the selection of players.
  5. A female player qualifying under 2 above must fulfil the following activity criteria: 24 ICU rated games in Ireland within the preceding two year period. After meeting this condition for her first selection for a representative international tournament, the player will be required to play a minimum of 12 ICU rated games in respect of all future selections.
  6. The minimum number of games applying under 4 and 5 will apply to selections for Representative Internationals taking place during 2016 and 2017 only. The minimum number of games for eligibility to be considered for Representative Internationals for female players taking place from 2018 onwards will be 24 games in Ireland for female players qualifying under 1 or 2.
  7. Not more than one third of a representative international team (including substitutes), may be made up of players who qualify under 2.
  8. Any player who has not met the above requirements at the time the International Selection Committee meets to consider the selection of players will not be eligible for selection for the representative International tournament involved.
  9. The Irish Championships:
    1. The Irish Champion shall be the highest placed native Irish player or citizen in the Senior event.
    2. The Irish Champion shall be selected automatically for the next Olympiad. Where the Irish Championship concludes too late to include the Champion for that year in the next Olympiad due to its timing, the Champion shall be automatically selected for the following Olympiad. If a player becomes the Irish Championship in consecutive years this shall entitle him/her to automatic selection for a corresponding number of future Olympiad teams, provided he or she also complies with the minimum activity criteria under 3.
  10. Games played in a representative International tournament shall not reckon towards the qualification thresholds described at 3, 4, 5 and 6 above.
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