The 16th Annual Gonzaga Charity Classic 2018

Location Gonzaga College SJ, Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.
Start date 2018-01-26
End date 2018-01-28
Prize fund €2,500
Sections Masters, Championship, Challenger
Flyer Concept_Classic_Flyer.pdf
Category Irish

As usual, all proceeds go to charity!

If you are traveling from abroad and have never been an ICU member before - you can enter here.

Enter Tournament

€39.00 The Gonzaga Classic Sections: Masters
€29.00 The Gonzaga Classic Sections: Masters, Championship, Challenger, aged 18 or under
€34.00 The Gonzaga Classic Sections: Championship, Challenger



2538 GM Bogdan Lalic

2504 GM Normunds Miezis

2502 GM Keith C. Arkell

2344 FM Conor O'Donnell

2178 Killian Delaney

2142 Henry Li

1984 Peter Cafolla

1905 John McMorrow

1876 Raymond Wynarczyk

IM Alvaro Valdes Escobar


1718 Peter Carroll

1662 Darragh Moran

1381 Joe O'Hanlon


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