Rating Officer's Report, January 2008

Mark Orr

This article part of the series: Rating Officer Reports 2008 - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


26 tournaments were rated in the January ICU list, including four international opens (Hastings, Rome, Koszalin and Isle of Man) and one international team tournament (European Club Championships) where Irish players were involved. Incidently, there is now a new format for submitting results from foreign tournaments. Two tournaments (Drogheda Senior and Intermediate Championships) played in 2006-07 were submitted late and rated in this list. Two more tournaments from last season (Irish Junior and Intermediate Championships) were only partially rated (see below).

The Irish Championships were successfully re-submitted to FIDE (after some earlier technical problems) and rated in their January list. Some tournaments which people expected to be FIDE rated were not (see below).

Irish Junior and Intermediate Championships

The reason these tournaments were not rated last season is that the SwissPerfect files submitted to the rating officer were corrupt, as many of the eagle-eyed readers of this web site had noticed from the tournament reports (Intermediate, Junior). Subsequently, Gerry Graham, using his expert knowledge of SwissPerfect, was able to recreate the first three rounds of both tournaments (Intermediate, Junior). The only way now to rate the remaining two rounds would be for some volunteers from amongst the players, working from memory and scoresheets, to recreate the full cross-table.

Touraments not rated by the ICU

Two more tournaments from last season, the Branigan Cup and Killane Shield, were never rated because the results were lost from the organiser's computer. The last this rating officer has heard on the matter (from Mick Germaine on 2007-11-18) was that Mick had sent some salvaged information to Peter Scott and that Peter was going to contact the team captains and try to recreate the results.

Tournaments not rated by FIDE

Some tournaments from last season which should have been rated by FIDE were not. The Leinster Championships results were sent to FIDE but not in their new Krause format, so were rejected. The Armstrong League results were not supplied to the then rating officer in a way which were easily convertible to the new format. The rating officer was not made aware that the Glorney and Faber Cups were to be FIDE rated.

There is a procedure for getting tournaments FIDE rated which, if followed, should lead to happier outcomes in the future. The main point to note is that the tournament needs to be registered with FIDE before it is played.

  1. The organiser sends the tournament details to , before it is played.
  2. The rating officer registers the tournament on the FIDE Rating Server.
  3. The tournament is played.
  4. The organiser sends the results in an acceptable format (SwissPerfect or Krause) to the rating officer.
  5. If necessary, the rating officer converts the format to Krause.
  6. The rating officer uploads the results to the FIDE Rating Server.

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