Rating Officer's Report, September 2008

Mark Orr

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53 more tournaments have been rated in the September list bringing the total for 2007-08 to 118. There were several late submissions or long-running tournaments rated that began before the May list was published, including Sarsfield CC (which was abandoned half way through but nevertheless still rated), Badalona, Drogheda CC, Munster Juniors, Killane Shield, Branigan Cup, Rathmines CC, All-Ireland College Championships, Elm Mount CC and Malahide CC.

The Irish Championships have been rated with FIDE in time for their October list.

Munster League

The Munster league was not rated. The original data file was found to be incomplete and the league organiser declined to respond to enquiries sent regarding this deficiency. Subsequently, Rory Quinn, who had played in the league, volunteered to try to reconstruct the missing data but in the process discovered that some of the originally reported results were erroneous and furthermore that some teams were reported as playing each other three times instead of the expected two. By this stage the September deadline had arrived and so attempts to repair the file and rate the league were postponed until the next list.

Foreign Tournament Fees

The procedure for getting individual performances in foreign tournaments rated in the ICU list involves a €10 fee which has hitherto had to be sent by post to the treasurer who would then notify the rating officer of its reception. This was a cumbersome process for all concerned. Happily, it is now possible to pay this fee online.

The ICU Rating System

An additional article has been posted explaining some of the finer details of the ICU rating system.

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