Rating Officer's Report, May 2008

Mak Orr

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39 tournaments were rated in the May ICU list, including the 6 Leinster leagues, 7 foreign tournaments involving ICU players and 2 club championships. There was just one late submission rated in this list, the Braille Championships from June 2007.

Leinster Leagues

I'd like to thank for his efforts in reporting the Leinster results and in particular his mastery of FIDE's Krause format, which is one of the supported formats for submitting results to the ICU. Peter has developed his Excel application over a number of years and is willing to let other league administrators have a copy.

FIDE Rated Tournaments

The 2007 Glorney and Faber tournaments have now been rated by FIDE and will appear in their next list (July). A direct appeal to the FIDE to allow these tournaments to be rated late was successful. However, I recommend that the procedure outlined here (permanent link to this on the Ratings page) is followed in order to avoid any similar mishaps in future.

The Leinster Championships, from the end of 2007, and the Gonzaga Classic have also been rated in time for FIDE's July list. The reason they were not ready for the March list was the need to write software to convert SwissPerfect into Krause, but that is now complete. The Armstrong Cup (Leinster League Division 1) is waiting for clarification of the federations of some foreign players before being submitted to FIDE, but should also make it into the July list.

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