AGM 2008 - Rating Officer's Report

Mark Orr

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Rating lists were published as normal in January, May and September. The September list was revised 2 weeks after it was published. The table on the left shows the 10 highest rated 2008 ICU members, with their rating in 2008 and their rank in 2007 (blank if they were not members then). The table on the right shows the 10 biggest rating improvements between September 2007 and September 2008.

Name 2008 2007
Baburin, Alexander25581
Kelly, Brian2491
Jones, Gawain C.2476
Heidenfeld, Mark23882
Rochev, Yury23853
Lopez, Alex2370
Collins, Sam E.23615
Brady, Stephen23596
Quinn, Mark23594
Wall, Gavin2287
Name Diff 2008 2007 Age
Magee, Ronan+539166711289
Berney, Mark+5351743120813
Cowpar, Stephen+518145994116
McCann, David+500133983914
Young, Christopher+481147098912
Coleman, Pat+40814911083??
Kelly, Turlough+333116483113
Tierney, Michael+2671540127316
Cormican, John A.+253118893511
Hurley, Daniel+251115890717

New Software

Substantial new software has been written to semi-automate the processing of tournament data. This has improved error detection and reduced the work load on the rating officer.

Software has also been written to generate the new format required by FIDE and used to submit several tournaments for FIDE rating. The graphs on the website used to display rating histories now show FIDE as well as ICU ratings. Currently there are 150 Irish players with FIDE ratings.

The website has a page of weighted ratings for the top men and women which is used in the selection of international teams. It is updated automatically as soon as new ICU or FIDE ratings are loaded into the website database.

New Rating System

Work has started on a reimplementation of the ICU rating system with the following goals:

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