Rating Officer's Report, September 2010

Mark Orr

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An additional 58 tournaments were rated since the last list in May, bringing the total for the 2009-10 season to 129, slightly down on last season (136).

The final count of members for the season (plus additional early 2010-11 subscribers) was 833 of which 805 have published ratings in the September list (690 full ratings and 115 provisional) and 18 have no rated games yet and therefore no rating to publish. These numbers are all increases on the previous season (by about 6%), but over the longer term (since 2006-07) there is no particular trend.

See the Rating Officer's AGM report for further information.

The list was first published early in the morning of the 12th with one tournament (City of Dublin Juniors) known to have an issue (and so omitted).


  1. The City of Dublin issue was resolved and a group of tournaments (Drogheda Congress sections A-G) were discovered which had been inadvertently omitted. Revision 1 was published at 11am, 12th September.
  2. A mixup of two people with the same name (P. J. Doyle) was discovered on 16th September and revision 2 published. As usual, changes like this propagate to other players and some may find their ratings have changed by small amounts.

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