Rating Officer's Report, May 2010

Mark Orr

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A further 56 tournaments were rated between January and May bringing the total for the 2009-10 season so far to 70. More members with ratings have joined since the list was last published in January bring the total to 773.

There was an unprecedented influx of foreign stars for the NCC who received provisional ratings as a result of that tournament. Because of the way the ICU system works, anyone who played those players were treated as playing against an opponent of the same strength as that player's performance rating at the end of the tournament (i.e. their provisional rating now).

LCU Divsion 1 (Armstrong), Leinster Championships, Leinster All-Play-All, Gonzaga Masters have all been rated by FIDE. The National Club Championships is just about to be submitted and Phibsboro Senior Club Championships (not yet finished) is due to be, at the end of the month.

Revision, 19th May

Treating the foreign stars in the NCC as provisionally rated was not correct as they have established FIDE ratings. The May list, originally published on the 17th, was therefore recalculated and republished on the 19th. It makes some, though not a huge, difference to other peoples ratings because the foreign stars performed more or less in accordance with their actual ratings in that tournament.

As it happened, three new tournament reports arrived after the 17th: the Galway Winter League and two foreign tournaments. These were processed and included in the new revision.

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