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Mark Orr

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ICU rating lists were published as usual in January, May and September.

In the first table below (Top Players), the 10 highest rated players in the Sep 2010 list are shown. Previous rank and rating change are shown in brackets for players who were also ICU members in Sep 2009. The recruitment of foreign stars into some of the NCC teams has clearly had a large impact.

The second table (Top Improvers) lists the top 10 members with the biggest improvements between Sep 2009 and Sep 2010 (not including players whose ratings are still provisional). Note that 3 players (Ossine Murphy, Eoin Minnock and Brendan Tecklenborg) are in this list for the second season running (compare)!

Top Rated Top Improvers
Rank Name Rating
1 Gergely Szabo2556
2 Dorian Rogozenco2519
3 (1)Alexander Baburin2514 (-14)
4 Adolfo Santos Folch2506
5 (2)Brian Kelly2490 (+0)
6 Marcos Llaneza Vega2477
7 Dragos Dumitrache2476
8 (3)Jan Sodoma2415 (+14)
9 (8)Alex Lopez2403 (+35)
10 (7)Mark Heidenfeld2393 (+6)
Rank Name Rating
1Conor E. O'Donnell1738 (+698)
2Oissine Murphy1917 (+440)
3Catherine Hearne1119 (+419)
4Eoin Minnock1473 (+396)
5Geoffrey Keating1063 (+352)
6Keegan O'Mahoney1346 (+325)
7Ruairi McKenna-Carroll1333 (+305)
8Justin Corry1470 (+304)
9Brendan Tecklenborg1443 (+263)
10Bartlomiej Cichonski1892 (+254)


The number of rated tournaments and rated games over the last few years is shown below. It was compiled treating a season as running from September to September and using tournament start dates to assign them to their corresponding season.

Season Trns Games

FIDE Rated Tournaments

A record 9 tournaments were registered and rated (or are waiting to be rated) with FIDE: the Armstrong, Dun Laoghaire Grandmasters, Dun Laoghaire Masters, Gonzaga, Irish Championships, Leinster Championships, Leinster all-play-all, National Club Championships, Phibsboro Club Championships.

Tournament organisers are reminded that:

The two main modules of the planned new ratings website (tournaments, ratings) are now complete and the final phase of designing and implementing the user interface is ready to begin. With any luck, 2011-12 will see the introduction of a beta version, with go-live penciled in for 2012-13.

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