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Mark Orr

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This is a list of players in divisions 1-5 of the LCU leagues who still have missing DOBs or federations. This information is required for registering new players with FIDE and unfortunately, if it cannot be gathered, these players and their results will have to be removed from the tournament reports before they are sent to FIDE.

If you can help, please send info to .

This announcement first appeared on 2012-04-28. To publicise it's existence a news item was put up on the home page and emails were sent to either the players themselves (in the cases where their addresses were available) or to members of the players' clubs, as well as to the LCU leagues controller and the ICU membership officer.

The original list had 21 players with either DOB or federation missing. A player was removed from the list when someone was able to provide their missing data.

Player ID Club Divs DOB Fed
W. Hugh Taylor 1605 Bray/Greystones 3,5 no yes
David Hickey 10889 Blanchardstown 5 no yes
Kilian Styles 13285 Blanchardstown 5 no yes

Update 20 June, 2012

It was eventually decided to rate only Divisions 1-3 of the LCU after it was noticed that FIDE have rules about how many games and how many FIDE rated opponents a player has to have before his games count towards a new rating.

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