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Jonathan O'Connor

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Officer Reports and Candidate Statements


The following people have been nominated for office for 2012/13.

Office Person Nominated by
ChairpersonJohn AlfredAndrew Ingram
Jonathan O'ConnorDaniel Lynch
Vice-chairpersonColm DalyGary O'Grady
Gabriel MirzaNoel Keating
Martin SchmidtShane Lee
SecretaryGabriel MirzaAndrew Ingram
Bryan TobinJonathan O'Connor
TreasurerNoel KeatingGabriel Mirza
Membership OfficerDaniel LynchShane Lee
Ratings OfficerMark OrrJohn Alfred
FIDE & ECU DelegateKevin O'ConnellGabriel Mirza
Tournament DirectorRory DelaneyJonathan O'Connor
Arbitration OfficerAndrew IngramGabriel Mirza
Herbert ScarryJonathan O'Connor
Public Relations OfficerColm DalyDarko Polimac
Una O'BoyleShane Lee
Women's OfficerGearoidin Ui LaighleisJonathan O'Connor
Junior OfficerDarko PolimacGabriel Mirza
ICJ EditorTony FoleyShane Lee


1. Defaulting players, proposed by Peter Lynch
A participating player who has defaulted in an earlier tournament and whose name appears on the ICU register of defaulters. Where more than one of the players participating in the tournament is on the register, or where a participating player’s name appears more than once on the register, the unrequested bye is assigned to the oldest eligible entry on the register. Where two or more of the participating players are registered as having incurred defaults on the same date the unrequested bye is assigned to the player with the highest score in the tournament.
2. Proposed by Peter Lynch
The participating player determined by existing rules governing assignment of unrequested byes (e.g. the player having the lowest score in the tournament).
3. Robert's Rules proposed by Andrew Ingram
That the ICU adopts Roberts Rules of Order when conducting it's business and proceedings.
4. Fundraising sub-committee, proposed by Barbara Magee
The creation of a Fundraising subcommittee.  The subcommittee's role would include seeking general sponsorship, sponsorship for specific events and/or teams, donations and the pursuit of establishing chess as a sport to receive government funding.
5. Junior Chess subcommittee, proposed by Barbara Magee
The creation of a Junior Chess committee to assist with the organization of Junior tournaments both domestic and international.
6. Selection of heads of delegation, proposed by Barbara Magee
The Selection Committee to formalize the process by which Captains and Heads of Delegation are selected.
7. Selection of Women's team captain, proposed by Gary O'Grady
The Olympiad women's team Captain be selected at least 1 year prior to the following Olympiad.
8. Irish Championship rules, proposed by Gary O'Grady
Admission to the Irish Championship be open to only players who can qualify for the Irish Olympiad team.
9. Small correction to the constitution, proposed Mark Orr
The constitution contains the following phrase: "publication in the Irish Chess Journal or other magazine...shall be deemed to be sufficient notice". It should be updated to include mention of the ICU web site which is now the principle method of communicating with members.
10. Olympiad team selection, proposed by Gearóidín uí Laighléis
That the Olympiad teams are picked at least 4 months before the start of the Olympiad.
11. Qualification criteria, proposed by Gearóidín uí Laighléis
That candidates should be members of the ICU for at least 2 years prior to Olympiad.
12. Activity requirements for Women's team, proposed by Gearóidín uí Laighléis
That candidates for the Irish Women's team should have played at least 18 rated games in the two years (12 in Ireland) previous to the Olympiad.
13. Activity requirements at selection time, proposed by Gearóidín uí Laighléis
That all games should be played and rated before the selection of candidates.

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