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Úna O Boyle

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Irish Women's Chess poster by Úna O Boyle

November (Samhain)

Ar an bhealach (on the way): Irish Women's Championship, Kilkenny. Thank you Shane and Gerry.

September (Meán Fómhair)

Some very notable performances from our Irish women: Diana Mirza winner of the Silver medal at the European Union Chess Championship (Mureck, Austria 1-9 August 2012) and best Irish performance in the recent European Youth Championship (Prague 16-26 August 2012). 15th in Europe at Girls Under 12! Ireland has one very talented young lady. We are all very proud of Diana.

Newly titled WFM Monika Gedvilaite & WCM Karina Kruk: The Chess Olympiad finished in Istanbul on September 9th. The Woman's team certainly made Ireland proud coming in eleven places above their rating. There was no doubt partying in Clondalkin as Monika Gedvillaite (board 1) came home with a WFM title and another party in Carrickfergus as Karina Kruk landed the WCM title. Monika, Hannah, Gearoidin, Karina, Sarah Jane, thank you for making Women chess players in Ireland very proud indeed.

Sam Maguire arrives in Donegal.

August (Lúnasa)

Katie Taylor wins Olympic Gold. Can we coax Katie to play Chess-Boxing?

July (Iúil)

The Irish girls on the Jessica Gilbert Cup team came in a respectable third place in a closely contested event. Sarah Jane Hearne from Kilkenny had tough opponents on board 1 finishing on 1/6 but not losing any rating points due t the strength of the opposition. Ruth Cormican of Galway on board 2 ended the event unbeaten amazingly drawing all 6 games. Diana Mirza from Adare on board 3 had another strong tournament finishing on 4/6 with only one defeat. She also has many years left to play in the Gilbert and is a hot tip for a board prize on board 1 in years to come.

The search for sponsorship and the publishing of "Irish Chess Union - Women's Chess" poster with the assistance of Irish Chess Women. Support Women's Chess in Ireland.

April (Aibreán)

Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1. I spoke about Women's Chess and Chess in Ireland. Specifically the new European Chess Union Ladies dress code rules (see below). 280,000 listeners. Despite pre-interview criticism from committee member, interview draws a large response from listeners. Derek Mooney is surprised that he is quite clearly distracted by cleavage!?! My sister Gráinne wins Waltons Music for Schools Competition. Yes I know it’s absolutely not chess related but I am a very very proud sister. Besides it's perfect, brilliant and very entertaining: "Africa" by Toto.

March (Márta)

Our very own Elizabeth Shaughnessy named 2011 Chess Educator of the Year. Berkley Chess School founder and president Elizabeth Shaughnessy has been named 2011 Chess Educator of the Year by Chess Life magazine!

February (Feabhra)

New European Ladies chess dress code!!! They are quite specific: regarding décolletés (in the US "cleavage"): "the second from the top button may be opened." And "skirts may be no shorter than 5-10 cm above the knees". Indeed!! Irish Independent reports on this new rule in WAKIPEDIA!!

January (Eanáir)

Interview on IMEALL, TG4 with the very handsome Tristan Rosenstock! Talking about chess, centenary year of Irish Chess Union etc.

IRL Women's Chess Facebook discussion page for Irish playing chess women only. A comprehensive database for women's chess has been compiled and continues to be updated. This is important for news updates and whatever else arises. If any women chess player (you do not have to be an ICU member) wishes to be included on the mailing list for Women's Chess in Ireland please send your email address to .

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