AGM 2009 - Rating Officer's Report

Mark Orr

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ICU rating lists were published as usual three times during the season (reports: January, May and September). Gonzaga Classic, Leinster Masters, National Club Championship, Armstrong Cup and the Irish Championships were all rated with FIDE. See also: main list, top juniors, weighted ratings, events.

In the first table below (Top Players), the 10 highest rated players in the Sep 2009 list are shown. Previous rank and rating change are shown in brackets for players who were also ICU members in Sep 2008. The second table (Top Improvers) lists the top 10 members with the biggest improvements between Sep 2008 and Sep 2009 (not including players whose ratings are still provisional in 2009).

Top Rated Top Improvers
Rank Name Rating
1 (1)Alexander Baburin2528 (-30)
2 (2)Brian Kelly2490 (-1)
3 Jan Sodoma2401
4 (7)Sam E. Collins2401 (+40)
5 Petr Neumann2393
6 (5)Yury Rochev2392 (+7)
7 (4)Mark Heidenfeld2387 (-1)
8 (6)Alex Lopez2368 (-2)
9 (9)Stephen Brady2355 (-4)
10 (8)Mark Quinn2346 (-13)
Rank Name Rating
1Anthony Bourached1568 (+474)
2Ross P. Byrne1134 (+434)
3Eoin Minnock1077 (+377)
4Kieran O'Riordan1773 (+373)
5Bartlomiej Cichonski1638 (+333)
6Luke Reynolds1013 (+313)
7Kevin May1418 (+305)
8Brendan Tecklenborg1180 (+305)
9Oissine Murphy1477 (+304)
10Iain Collins998 (+298)


Progress towards a web-based version of the ICU rating system continues but at a slow pace. Two components (file parsing and ratings calculations) of the system has been made open source in an attempt to encourage collaboration and hopefully speed the pace of development. Anyone familiar with Ruby, RSpec and Git is welcome to fork the projects (files, ratings) and contribute patches or new features. for further details if you're interested.

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