Rating Officer's Report, September 2009

Mark Orr

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An additional 56 tournaments were rated since the last list in May, bringing the total for the 2008-09 season to 136.

The final count of members for the season (plus additional early 2009-10 subscribers) was 773 of which 756 have published ratings in the September list (664 full ratings and 92 provisional) and 17 have no rated games yet and therefore no rating to publish.


This season the following tournaments were rated with FIDE: Gonzaga Classic, Leinster Masters, National Club Championship, Armstrong Cup and Irish Championships.

Revision 1

A software error (apologies) meant that players who had subscribed early for the 2009-10 season, but who had not been members for 2008-09, were not included in the original version of the list (published 2009-09-13). After correction, 6 extra members with full ratings and 3 extra members with provisional ratings were added in the new version (published 2009-09-14). The totals in the summary section above have been adjusted to reflect the changes.

Revision 2

Shortly after the first version of the list was published, a small number of cases of misreported results from tournaments came to light. Before producing a second revision, a couple of weeks grace were allowed to pass to see if any more errors cropped up, but none did. Some new information about dates of birth (affecting K-factors) also became available and was included in the new revision. There will be no further revisions unless any serious errors are discovered.

In total, the ratings of 32 players were affected by the changes (see the following table). Many were secondary effects (players who played one of the players directly affected by the changes) and thus were typically small. The 19 players whose rating changed by plus or minus one point are omitted from the table.

Diff Old New Name ICU #
+2318791902Pat Reynolds1430
+1210281040Conor E. O'Donnell10792
+618571863Darren McCabe5722
+517511756Bernard Boyle3172
+4717721Shane Hall3312
+313851388Brendan Evers1729
+3907910Joseph Rafferty1410
-314411438Andrew Thomson1613
-310521049Maurice O'Connor4322
-513741369Patrick McDonnell1850
-720422035Peter Cafolla159
-1111181107Michael Pentony12116
-1916901671Carl Jackson4618

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