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Vincent Bissett and Mark Orr

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There have been some enquiries recently about the title of Irish National Master (NM) and what the requirements are. The answer is that the title is now deprecated and has effectively been replaced by the FIDE Master (FM) title.

For historical interest, below is reprinted an article about the NM title from an the Irish Chess Journal (Volume 3, Issue 3, 1991):

The title of Irish National Master is awarded to players who:

  • win the Irish Championships three times, including shared championships where there is no play-off; or
  • attain the FIDE Master title; or
  • earn a quota of Master Points in any consecutive three year period, while meeting certain minimum rating requirements during that period (i.e. at least 2250 in two years and at least 2200 in the third).

The following players had been awarded the INM title up to 1991:

Brian Reilly, Wolfgang Heidenfeld, Michael Littleton, Bernard Kernan, John Moles, Eamon Keogh
Alan Ludgate, David Dunne, Paul Henry, Paul Delaney
Tony Doyle, Philip Short
Mark Orr, John Delaney, Colm Barry

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