AGM 2008 - Minutes

Alan MacDonagh

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Gerry Graham (Chairman), Michael Crowe (Vice-Chairman), Eamon Keogh (Treasurer), Jack Killane (Secretary), Gearóidín Ui Laighléis (Women’s Officer), John McKenna (Junior Officer), Pat Fitzsimons (Leinster Representative), Nicola Benson, Maurice Coveney, Rory Delaney, William Ffrench, John Maher, Alan McDonagh, Mark Quinn, Bernard Palmer.

Apologies: Mark Orr (Ratings Officer and Web Master), Rory Quinn (Membership Officer), Teresa O’Rourke (IUCA representative).

Chairman’s Address

The Chairman referred to the tragic death of the former Chairman, Philip Hogarty, and expressed condolences to his family. He expressed thanks to the Committee members who had worked hard during the year. In particular he thanked the Junior Officer and all involved in the coaching of young players and in the running of events and teams e.g. the Glorney Cup and individual events.

Minutes of previous AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM (taken by Stephen Stokes) were read out by the Secretary. Their adoption was proposed by Michael Crowe and seconded by Rory Delaney and was approved.

Matters arising from Minutes

The Treasurer said that:

  1. A fund had been set up to assist tournaments.
  2. An auditor had been found to audit the accounts.
  3. The Committee had drawn up a Code of Ethics which would be finalised shortly and posted on the web-site.

Officers’ Reports

Officer's reports had been posted on the web-site and were noted.

In relation to the Secretary’s Report the Chairman said that the Committee was revamping the Irish Club Championships along the lines of the European Club Championships i.e.a week-end tournament for club teams (subject to minimum rating requirements) to give more clubs an opportunity to enter.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer referred to the surplus of €3,610 for the year. The Union’s annual income was roughly €25,000 with expenditure under 4 main headings - training, Irish Championships, Glorney-Faber Cups and the Olympiads. Some expenditure would not re-occur this year so savings would arise. The incoming Committee would have to develop policies to maximise sponsorship, including State subvention and in relation to funding for players competing abroad instead of the existing ad-hoc system.

The Chairman thanked the treasurer for his work during the year. Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report was proposed by Michael Crowe and seconded by Pat Fitzsimons and passed.


The following motion had been received from Bernard Palmer: That Rule 7.2 Article 7 be strictly adhered to in all cases whatsoever. This shall override Article 10.2. The motion was seconded by Michael Crowe. Mr Palmer said that Rule 7.2 required that at least 4 weeks notice of the AGM be given and that the agenda and motions/nominations received should be posted on the web-site before the Meeting.


The following officers were elected unanimously:

Position Nomination Proposer Seconder
Chairman Eamon Keogh Gerry Graham Mark Quinn
Vice-Chairman Maurice Coveney Eamon Keogh Michael Crowe
Treasurer Michael Crowe Eamon Keogh Gerry Graham
Secretary Alan McDonagh Michael Crowe Pat Fitzsimons
Tournament Director Gerry Graham Eamon Keogh Michael Crowe
Public Relations Officer Bernard Palmer Tony Fox Jack Killane
Women’s Officer Nicola Benson Gearóidín Ui Laighléis Rory Delaney
Ratings Officer Mark Orr Gerry Graham Michael Crowe
Junior Officer John McKenna Gerry Graham Michael Crowe
Membership Officer Rory Quinn Gerry Graham Michael Crowe
Arbitration Officer Herbert Scarry Gerry Graham Pat Fitzsimons
Development Officer no nomination received

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