Procedure for Submitting Tournaments for FIDE Rating

Mark Orr

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PLEASE NOTE: this article has been superseded by an article on the ICU ratings web site.

Currently only the "top" domestic tournaments are eligible to be registered with FIDE. For example, the Irish Championships, the Armstrong Cup, the Leinster Championships, the Glorney and Faber, any weekend open section, etc. No tournaments are automatically rated - the organisers must request the ICU rating officer to do so.

Getting domestic tournaments rated with FIDE is basically a two step process. The first step is to register the tournament with FIDE, which should be done at least one month before the tournament begins. The second step is to submit the results in a supported digital format. Both operations are done via the ICU rating officer ().


Email the registration information to the ICU rating officer, at least 5 weeks before the tournament takes place. Include the following details.

  1. Name of the tournament.
  2. Start and end date.
  3. Venue (including city/town).
  4. Type of tournament (swiss/all-play-all, individual/team, open/women).
  5. Organiser's name and contact details.
  6. Arbiter's name and contact details.
  7. Time control.
  8. Number of players (or expected number).


There are currently just two acceptable formats for submitting the results to the ICU rating officer.

  1. Krause. This is the format FIDE expects. The rating officer will check your files and, if necessary, return them for corrections.
  2. Swiss Perfect. The rating officer will check your files and convert them to Krause format before submitting to FIDE.

Your results should include the following information. There are standard places to store this information in both Krause and SwissPerfect files.

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