2010 Olympiad Teams

ICU Executive Committee

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The ICU Executive Committee received this report from the International Selection Committee after the end of the Irish Championships. This report was subsequently approved by ICU Executive. All the selected players have confirmed that they are able to take up their places on the teams so they are as follows (changed from the original to reflect the updates noted above):

Men Women
1Sam Collins 1Elizabeth Shaughnessy
2Alex Lopez 2Emily Alfred
3Mark Heidenfeld 3Sarah Hearne
4Colm Daly 4Una O'Boyle
5David Fitzsimons 5Nicky Benson

Eligibility Criteria Mens Team

In an announcement by the ICU Executive in May, the 2010 Irish Senior Champion was deemed to qualify for the automatic place on the team. Subsequently it was bought to light that there was a relevant motion passed at the 2005 AGM.

The motion was discussed by the current ICU Executive but found to be poorly worded so that it is open to several interpretations. It was also noted that since 2005 the Olympiad team has reduced from 6 (including 2 reserves) to 5 (including 1 reserve). This is a substantive change to the conditions under which this motion was agreed. Previous committees since then have failed to incorporate this amendment into the rules.

After consideration of these points it was agreed by the ICU executive that the Selection Committee would continue to use the current criteria as stated on the ICU website.

Selection Men's Team

The Selection Committee used the formula agreed in 2002 to select the Irish Olympiad men's team. The weighted formula used are described in a 2005 ISC Report.

Selection Women's Team

All the highest rated women players, both active and inactive, were contacted re availability and a short list was drawn up of those available. The formula that applies to the selection of the men's team cannot be applied to the women's team, there is not enough data. The final selection takes into account national and Fide (or provisional Fide) ratings as well as previous international experience.

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